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Best Way To maintenance Refrigerator

Any refrigerator needs care. Once or twice a year it needs to be defrosted, washed thoroughly, dried and ventilated.

If you have a refrigerator with one compressor, unplug it before defrosting and take out all the contents. The refrigerator with two compressors can be washed in several steps starting off working on the refrigerator, then the freezer.

Despite the manufacturers' claims that it is not necessary to defrost refrigerators with "No Frost" mode, they still need annual defrosting. Of course, there is no ice on the visible surface in a serviceable refrigerator, but it might be accumulating on the evaporator.

All manufacturers recommend leaving the refrigerator open and letting the ice thaw. It takes at least 24 hours. But not everyone has such an opportunity to turn off the refrigerator for a day because some products may spoil during this time.

Our specialists have all the necessary equipment to defrost, clean, collect water and dry your refrigerator in an hour and a half. At the same time, all your food will not have time to spoil.

The heater, designed for its regular thawing, often does not fully cope with the task. Frozen ice interferes with the flow of air driven by the fan and prevents its proper distribution. This might disable the temperature sensors, defrost thermostat or the fan itself. In some cases, the control board may fail as well.

A common malfunction of the fridge system is clogging of the drainage channel. It is the place wherein bacteria tend to multiply, developing huge colonies, they form whole clusters of mucus that clogs the drain. To clean the drainage channel, you need special equipment that will not only clean the channel, but also kill all bacteria. Our technicians have all the necessary equipment and can provide such service.

If the back wall of the refrigerator is covered with a thick layer of frost, then it starts to leak and the drainage does not cope with the water flow - check the door gasket. Worn-out rubber loses elasticity and the doors do not close hermetically. It is necessary to rinse the gasket and straighten it with a stream of hot air. If the gasket is really fragile and cracked, you need to buy a new one.

Special attention should be paid to the condenser, which is located in the back of the refrigerator. Every six months or a year it needs to be cleaned of dust. Otherwise, it may lead to a compressor failure, coolant congestion or control board breakdown. This also might lead to increased consumption of electricity. It is impossible to completely clean the condenser with a conventional vacuum cleaner. Our servicemen use special chemical detergents and equipment for this.

In conclusion, we would like to advise: do not put food in the refrigerator that has not yet cooled down and do not keep the door open unnecessarily. All these rules and tips for taking care of the refrigerator will prolong the life of your irreplaceable kitchen assistant.

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Tina Sean

I had my oven repaired by Washer & Dryer Repair Queens Service within the same day I called, which I greatly appreciated. I found them to be extremely helpful and affordable compared to other local appliance repair businesses I contacted.

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Loyd Swonson

I will recommend Washer & Dryer Repair Queens Service in New York! Technicians are dedicated to assisting you with good stewardship of your resources by providing the most cost effective and efficient resolutions to your appliance needs! this information is confirmed by me! Thank you so much)

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Charles Rapoport

Appliance Repair LA is by far the most convenient home appliance repair company in New York. Over the years they’ve repaired my refrigerator, washing machine, clothes dryer, dishwasher and oven. I just tried their new online scheduling system, and I Love It! - So convenient!

Jennifer Johnson

Great guys. Great service. Alexander and his team really know whats going on. They repaired my LG washer and dryer the same day I called them to come out. They refunded my inspection fee and were cheaper than the other guys I called first. I couldn't be happier.


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